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Your contribution will enable us to support the employees and  operations of small businesses that were effected by the shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very grateful for your generosity.

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About Us

Community Supported - Community Driven

Community Supported - Community Driven

Community Supported - Community Driven

With the support of donations, volunteers, local businesses, and strategic planning, we will implement major changes that will nourish and empower our communities for a greater future.

Community Guidance

Community Supported - Community Driven

Community Supported - Community Driven

Our Focus:

Improving health

Importance of education

Housing sustainability

Creating jobs

All to decrease the rates of unemployment, poverty, crime, incarceration and recidivism

Community Awareness

Community Supported - Community Driven

Community Awareness

Adopt the 3 "Let's" of building a foundation.

Let's empower our communities

Let's support one another

Let's fulfill a need


Through continued research and development.

...we can heal one community at a time.

The goals of The Environmental Royalty Project is to greatly decrease the rates of unemployment, poverty, crime, incarceration, and recidivism.

To keep our daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grand mothers, grand fathers, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, friends, husbands, and wives safe from hunger, violence, rape, sex trafficking, theft, murder, police brutality, prostitution, homelessness, suicide, and drug addiction.


This is not an overnight project, but The Environmental Royalty Project is committed and dedicated to achieving every single goal listed on this site.

Let's not only pull those in need out of the fire, but let's put the fire out!

increasing the employment rate to decrease the crime rate

Plan - Connect - Implement


The Environmental Royalty Project plans to partner with correctional facilities and parole boards. To create a strategic prison re-entry plan that will line up employment, housing, and counseling for each parolee to decrease the chance of recidivism.

The goal is to help returning citizens become productive and self-sufficient, while reducing the crime rate.

As of 2019, the recidivism rate for Michigan is at 29%, the crime rate is at 30.8%, the poverty rate is at 37.9%, and the unemployment rate is at 4.2%. 

A total of 44,918 violent crimes in Michigan was reported in 2018. Which includes:

· 550 homicides

· 7,608 rapes

· 5,652 armed robberies

· 31,057 cases of felonious assault

Source - Michigan State Police - 2018 Crime Data Statistics

Recidivism Rate: According to the National Institute of Justice, 44% of the recently released return before the end of their first year out.

We want those who have been rehabilitated to rejoin society with their dignity and successfully.

Many businesses are hiring returning citizens, so our goal is to connect with those businesses as well as the director of the Michigan Department of Corrections to support the skilled training program. This program offers training for parolees in automotive technology, welding, CNC machining, robotics, commercial truck driving, forklift operation, carpentry, plumbing, electrical trades and concrete and masonry work.  The Environmental Royalty Project will assist with proper job attire, bus passes, and/or gas cards for the first month of employment. 

By offering hours of paid therapy as well as assigned counseling to teach about bank accounts, budgeting, paying bills, shopping and many other areas, we hope to increase sustainability. 

The Environmental Royalty Project will also work closely with temporary agencies to assist unemployed non-felons.


Don't Miss Out On Sowing A Seed!

Encouraging and improving sanitation in our communities

Volunteer and Recruit

Adopt a block

Form a neighborhood watch

Report abandoned homes on your block

Report illegal dumping

Recycle - Reuse - Reduce


Buying recyclable paper products or reusable products will help reduce the large amount of pollution to our lands and waters.  A list of proper disposal of household items will be issued to every household.

*Cleaning up trash and debris on streets, freeways, parks, and shores
*Cleaning trash and debris from our waters 

Clean-up crews will be assigned to designated areas in groups of 10 or more. As we work closely with the city’s police department, safety and proper protection wear training will be mandatory for all volunteers.

Plant trees, shrubs, and flowers to increase the beauty of the city. 

Restoring or demolishing  abandoned homes and buildings to rebuild and occupy .


Community Gardens

Fresh Organic Vegetables

In Michigan, 1,369,250 people are suffering from hunger - and of them, 345,130 are children.

The Environmental Royalty Project plan to plant fresh community vegetable gardens. Vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, greens, potatoes, sweet and spicy peppers, carrots and herbs.

Possible planting areas include: Behind recreational centers or purchased empty fields throughout the community. Supported and maintained by the community.

1 in 6 children struggle with hunger. So we hope to help alleviate this issue by teaching, emailing, or texting simple, cost-efficient recipes that are healthy and great tasting for hot and cold meals.

Providing water faucet filters/purifiers to promote drinking more water to stay healthy.



Education and Gaining Sustainability

Cleaning Up Our Community… In Every Sense

We are aiming to improve schools, roads, businesses, houses, neighborhoods, and communities.

Environmental don’t just end at land and water... it’s also household and community. Together we can create safer and stronger communities by encouraging and  implementing more FREE after school programs at every recreational center, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, supporting local businesses, recycling, budgeting, free community gardens, cost-efficient recipes for every household, utilizing more solar panel and energy efficient light buand so many more empowering opportunities.

Join us!


Any Amount Helps!

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